Note: "From here on out all registered heifers will calve in April and all cows will be May and June calvers to match what we have been doing with our commercial cows on the ranch. All registered females run with the commercial cows through the winter with no hay fed just winter grazing and cake. First calf registered heifers get fed hay in mid March and the calving lot in April just like the commercial heifers."

2016 News & Events

Our production sale was postponed due to weather and held on February 26, 2017 at the Valentine Livestock Auction. Thank you new and repeat buyers.

  • Avg was $4,755 on 38 head.

  • Volume buyer was Austin Swendener with 6 bulls.

  • High selling bull was lot 9 for $10,000 to John Mundorf

  • Second high seller was lot 1 for $8,500 went to Bullis Creek Red Angus of Wood Lake NE.

  • Bulls went to WY, CO,SD and many repeat Nebraska Sandhills buyers.

2017 with the kids at the various Rodeo's we attended.

The Ravenscroft family has had a busy year with High School Rodeo.  View a few of their events.  Rain or Shine - Rodeo

2017 News & Events

Winter feed. Pellets and prairie hay

  • Thank you buyers for your support!  Thank you buyers who bid and attended our annual production sale February 25, 2016 - 2:00 CST at the Valentine Livestock Auction Valentine, Nebraska.  26 coming two year old red angus Bulls avg $5096.   High seller was lot 19 Ravn New Look B448 an Andras New Look 2012 X Ravn Tilly x014 brought $9250 sold to Chad Kreeger of Lake Andes SD. Bulls went to South Dakota and Oklahoma. The majority of the Bulls went to repeat buyers in the Nebraska Sandhills area.  Volume buyer was Chad Kreeger.  Another volume buyer was Higgins ranch of Valentine NE.​  Please contact us to receive a catalog for next year!  

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